Driver Applications


We are currently looking to fill several positions with Experienced Class A drivers. Experience in the dirt industry a plus but not required. We look forward to meeting with you soon and potentially working with you into the future! We offer 401k and insurance, wages based on experience. If you fit the requirements below please give us a call or come in and meet with us:

1) Minimum 12 mo. CDL driving experience
2) No DUI'S in past 7 years
3) No drug related offences in past 3 years
4) No suspended or revocations in past 3 years

Important Information

Capurro Trucking has a vital interest in maintaining safe, healthful and efficient working conditions for our customers, the public and our drivers. Using or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs on the job may pose serious safety and health risks not only for the user, but to all those who work with the user. The possession, use or sale of alcohol or an illegal drug poses unacceptable risks to safe, healthful and efficient operations.

To meet this compelling interest, and in compliance with the Department of Transportation's Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements (49 CFR Part 382), drivers who wish to be considered for employment must agree to SUBMIT TO PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TESTING.


Capurro Trucking provides qualified class "A" drivers additional training in the operation of various types of aggregate transporting equipment for employment. To qualify for the program a person must have a Class "A" drivers license with Double/Triple trailers endorsements. The program will provide hands on training for a "qualified" driver. Instruction will include customer relations, proper loading and unloading procedures, radio communications, use of bills of lading, time reports and weight slips.

During the training period, the pay rate shall be paid at the current federal minimum wage rate per hour. When and if the driver qualifies and meets the standards set by Capurro Trucking, the driver's pay will be adjusted to the current starting wage for an experienced driver.

If you are interested in applying, please download the Application Form and fill it out and visit the Capurro Trucking office in your area. Be prepared to fill out our application and be able to furnish a minimum of 10 years driving work history. A current (not more than 30 days) DMV printout will also need to be attached to the application to be considered for employment.

You may also contact the Hiring Manager in your area for more specific information or to have your questions regarding employment with Capurro Trucking answered.